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Who I Am

I'm a computer geek, I run Linux and FreeBSD, I dislike Windows.
I love running, from track to mountains.
I like nature photography, doodling and making crafts.

Running stats (dynamically synced with strava):
This is currently down due to webtask.io node migration seems to have problem with express, I'm in process of migrating these to my own Go microservices.



DDD patent


Race Stats - 2011

race stats

Back in 2011, I was running a great race in Mississauga Marathon. I was on my way to a personal record with a negative split, just under a minute faster in my second half. With about 2-3 km to go, There were 2 runners picked up their pace significantly that I was unable to keep up, then they passed me. Out of curiosity, I wanted to find out how many runners passed me late in the game, so I wrote this to get some fun stats out of Marathon race results.

It turns out there were 3 runners passed me, not 2! XD


mode 13h library & scroller - 1994

Download GitHub

This was my game library written in C with embedded x86 assembly, compiled under Borland C. It includes most of the functionality required for a DOS game: video, mouse, keyboard handlers. It also has an Autodesk FLI animation file playback function.

A sample test scroller is included, that loads PCX maps and tiles, using embedded assembler to make fast and smooth scrolling with double buffer writes directly to the video memory. scroll takes a parameter for number of pixel to shift each time, without any parameter the default is 2 pixels. scroll 4 results fast smooth scrolling with any 486 or faster CPU.


WildLife Tetris - 1993

Download GitHub

Now you can play this online with a web browser, big thanks to archive.org/DOS Museum.
Use arrows keys and space (clockwise rotation) or keypad with 2, 4, 6, 8 and 5 (counter-clockwise rotation).

This was my first DOS game attempt back in high school days. The entire game was written in C and embedded x86 assembly, compiled under Borland C. OS was DOS and code was optimized for running in mode13h 320x200x256c. The images were compressed using RLC - run length encoding compression which is really the same as the compression algorithm PCX uses. The code was probably poorly designed and not documented. :-)




pika"O" is a poor man's monitoring script written for RHEL/CentOS, it checks CPU, RAM and root partition usage using vmstat, free and df. You can install it simply by running the following command:

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/runwuf/pikaO/master/install_pikaO.sh | sudo bash

As for pika, it is not pikachu, it is a fascinating little creature I encountred in wilderness around talus field, to learn more about this amazing animal, check out here



I sometimes express my imagination through drawings & crafts, you can see them in my artwork gallery here.

I enjoy capture my views of the amazing places I run to, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
check out my photo gallery here.